I will not take the credit for writing this post. I got them from Dan “Boomer” Giralmo

1. It is not what you make that counts…it is what you Keep that counts. Save in paper you will buy less stuff in the future ,save in gold you will be able to buy more stuff in the future. Its that simple. We need to teach our children, and grandchildren the correct way to save By Our Example.
They spend everything they make. Karatbars is simple.

2. You, and EVERY PERSON you know, will have to overcome these 3 financial hurdles in their lifetime – TAXES, INFLATION, RESIDUAL INCOME.
Karatbars as a marketing strategy and applying business principles conquers all when you take action and utilize the infrastructure of this legitimate e-commerce mechanism. Normal overhead: Employees, storefront, accounting payroll, legal, customer support, international regulatory agreements, cyber security, inventory control, production, vaulting and delivery logistics. ALL there for you in 120+ countries and YOU don’t have to take orders, handle any money or gold… to take care of that… Just don’t be a Secret Agent, unless you want to. Absolutely Brilliant.

3. Any and All legitimate businesses must create volume to generate profits. So what is it that you are selling ? The process of Saving money in Karatbars gold, not spending it… creates volume in this system. It is not a consumable nor a subscription bill to pay, which leaves you nothing when you stop. but this process CREATES an ASSET in that process of creating volume. Who doesn’t want that ? No One gets hurt.

4. The free account to simply use without any profit motivation makes sense.
it is an example of what many financial experts advise their clients to do to protect themselves in a Global world, plant financial flags. To actually utilize the infrastructure of Karatbars and build a referral book of business is good for everyone and places yourself in the way of the largest market transfer of wealth in history On The Move, RIGHT NOW. You want a big hunk of that ? Get your FREE account right now, right HERE.

5. The world is in a unique and uncertain position right now. Recognize what is happening. All the legs of the financial stools are wobbly. The Inevitable stock market wipe out, The Looming home equity slaughter, The $46 Trillion wealth transfer, The Dwindling velocity of money, The Silent wealth confiscation. ALL Central banks and Governments buying gold at record amounts, manipulating the paper gold markets. and little old you in the middle of the vortex. Amid All that…there is an equal and greater Prosperity, if You Recognize it. This imperfect little secret gem of a company Karatbars, whose Mission and Vision of its founder Mr Harald Seiz, offers ANYONE regardless of financial means or not…to be able to create an International INHERITABLE Income in real gold money…if you have Desire, and take action.
With a little education and some simple effort we can fix it all for the next generations to come. Are you coming with us and write a page in history ?

What is your Plan ? We are not waiting for anyone, and the world isn’t either

Thanks Boomer!

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