Pinterest Marketing Tools

There is no doubt that Pinterest is a great source for getting attention to your

Pinterest Marketing Tools
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brand or your website. By selecting the right Pinterest marketing tools, you can take advantage of the huge number of users and potential customers and create a steady flow of visitors and buzz around your business.
There are some things you should be aware of though. Late statistics shows that 90 % of all Pinterest users are females, and the most popular categorizes are Home, Arts&Crafts, Style/Fashion and Food. If you are targeting those areas you are to congratulate since 21% of all users have purchased something they found on Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Tools

So to make your marketing efforts a bit more effective, I have complied this little toolbox for you to use. I would like to add that as a complement to these Pinterest marketing tools there are some really awesome apps for Chrome and Firefox that will help you too. I will get back to those in a later post.

  1. Pinerly
    Even though this tool is still in beta, they have signed up more than 50 000 users and from what I have been able to see, the focus of Pinerly is to give a dashboard set of all the analytic data you need to run a Pinterest campaign professionally. So without even been able to run it live, I can say that this is one of your top Pinterest Marketing Tools.
  2. Pinpuff
    This is a website that gives you some awesome details about your ”pinning” just by submitting your email and Pinterest user name. What you instantly receives is your ”Pinfluence”, your effect on the Pinterest audience in your selected areas. Number of followers, re-pins and likes are some of the facts that are collected to create a Pinfluence score. It gives you an idea of how successful you have been in your Pinning niches. A bit like Klout for Pinterest and definitely one of your Pinterest marketing tools.
  3. Pinstamatic
    Another free website tool that gives you the possibility to pin much more than just pictures and videos. Spotify tracks, quotes, websites and locations are some of the things you can pin by using this really simple tool. This is one of the Pinterest Marketing Tools you should start using right now.
  4. PinReach
    Finally the last of my Pinterest Marketing Tools. This is a free influence and analytic tool. It gives you some more information than Pinpuff and also some trending stats. You will also see some of your competitors and their Pinterest score. As for now this is the most detailed analytic tool, but I guess that will change when Pinerly goes official.

I hope you will take advantage of these great Pinterest Marketing Tools and I promise you that they will make your pinning more effective and even more fun.

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