Make money from blogging – Can I do that?
make money from blogging
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The answer is simple. Yes! But getting there is not as simple, and it will not be done in a week! It takes some hard work, consistency and some basic skills. But there are things I can tell you that will make it a bit easier and may help you make money from blogging faster.

There are some things you need in order to make money from blogging. The really obvious factor is readers! If you read my earlier posts, you will find several tips on how to get traffic to your blog, so I will leave that for now. But in order to prepare your readers to become future prospects, you would like to have their contact information stored, right?

One way to do that is to select their email addresses by using an opt-in box. Nothing strange with that, but how do I get my readers to leave their details? That is really the key question you need to have the answer for, if you want to make money from blogging.

Your Opt-in Offer

This is where you start building your prospect list. You need an offer that will encourage your readers to opt-in. It can be a report you have written, a webinar or anything related to your business, preferably unique to you. The better the offer, the more people in your list. And what do you do with your list? Here is a short post about autoresponders that I wrote years ago, but I will update it with more information soon. Stay tuned! Read More

Call To Action

This is the second most important factor for your blog if your goal is to make money from blogging. It is really simple. You have to be precise and actually TELL your readers what to do. Tell them to SHARE this post, CLICK this link, READ this part and so on. A good call to action can be the difference between a profitable blog and a blog that gives you no return at all. If you look at my signature below every post, you will find some examples on calls to action, but you can (and should) try to have some inside your posts too.


Do you know any authority in your niche? Or anyone else that most of your readers will recognize? Why don’t you ask them for a personal testimonial that you can add to your blog. And if you can have it as a video, that’s even better. If you are new to this, it might feel a bit awkward to have someone else telling your audience about you, but many people will appreciate to see some comments about you in order to feel more secure about you and your business. And remember, you are trying to make money from blogging, so you need a good relationship with your readers.


Do not stuff your website completely with banners. Select those who are related to your niche, and are a part of your affiliate income. (This is one of the ways you will make money from blogging). If you are an advanced website builder, you can play around with different banners on different pages, but mostly you can just use your standard WordPress widgets for this. Select banners with a clear call to action and you will see results.

Make money from blogging – conclusion

This is three simple things you can get started with when building your blog. There are more advanced tools and strategies of course, when trying to make money from blogging, but I prefer not to overwhelm you with everything from start. This is a process, and by taking these first steps, you are on your way to become a money making blogger! If you would like to learn more about Internet Marketing in general, I recommend you to join my 30 day marketing bootcamp. It is filled with great training and is given to you for free. It adds value to your wish to make money from blogging. Click and read more: Free Training Bootcamp

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