We all want a successful online business, but there are so many things that can go wrong. These are my five key factors you should focus on to make YOUR

successful online business
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business a success! Competition is hard and the reality is that 97% of online entrepreneurs fails. Don’t be one of them. Make sure you take control of these five things:

My five key factors for a successful online business

No 1: Your business sponsor.

Keep in mind that your business sponsor might not have the experience he claims. He might be a beginner and you are his first member of his downline. (He or she would never tell you that). To overcome this problem, make sure that you have access to all senior marketers and their knowledge in your company.

No 2: Money!

Well, you are here to make money, but that really takes money too. Don’t jump on the Google PPC train. That path will cost you too much and you will probably not be able to see the benefits from it. Social Media and a mix of free or low cost marketing methods will ensure that you can get targeted advertising while keeping your budget. Social Media is a must for a successful online business today!

No 3: Endurance.

Yeah, they told you that you would get rich in two weeks or two months. In best case and in theory yes! But life always have some surprises for you. And when you’re sitting there after three weeks, not broke, but still waiting for the Big Bucks, please do not STOP! This is where most people fail. If you quit now, all your efforts will be lost. Think it over again, and analyze your business. Do my leads count increase? Any sales so far? Any tips from my sponsor or company? If you get some positive replies to these questions, try to convince yourself to go on. After next three months, the situation might have changed.

No 4: Education.

Most people trying to build a successful online business are beginners. Many MLM people have started with offline selling and are now moving online. So how do I do it? Of course you need a proper education. Would you go to a “normal” job without any knowledge at all? Education might be one of the most important keys to your success. Make SURE that your company can offer all what it takes or ask your sponsor for advice.

No 5: Branding.

Heard about Mike Dillard? Of course you have. He makes a lot of money just by telling people about branding. And you should listen! Internet is a huge market. But you can’t make money if nobody finds you. And even if they might find your sales page, they will not join your business if they can’t find you as a person online and get to know you better. You just have to be YOU and show it everywhere. You may not have that successful online business yet, but you need to be seen as a trustworthy person!

So, read these five reasons over and over again, and make sure you have them all covered. That might be the reason why you leave the 97% and join the remaining 3% on your way to your successful online business!

Best of luck!

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