In my last post I wrote about the best 25 MLM companies but today I will give you my Karatbars review for a specific reason. It is because an MLM opportunity is not a good match for everyone. The purchase requirements can lead to a stock of products not used, and the monthly fees can sometimes be too high in the long run.

I must admit that I have tried a good number of different opportunities myself like many other marketers online. I am still a member of some of them, but in other cases I quit for different reasons. It could be their products, the company, the comp plan or the team support.
But since this is what I do for my living, it is important that I work with an opportunity that really works, and gives me a fair chance to really build my income. And when I was introduced to the Karatbars opportunity I noticed that they had that extra potential that convinced me to try it out. So let’s dig into my Karatbars review…

In simple terms, Karatbars offers everyone a free gold savings account. You save and store your money in the form of small spendable gold bars. The benefits are not obvious to most at first, but when you dig a little deeper you find you can do a lot more than just save small amounts of gold. You need to actually create money to make it a business opportunity, right? So the incentive program richly rewards those who invite just two other affiliates having the potential to make thousands of dollars each week. I was skeptical to these numbers, but I’ll explain more on how it works in this Karatbars review.

What Is The Karatbars Opportunity

The Karatbars opportunity as we know it today goes back to 2011 when they got their main international breakthrough. KB Kapital & Business GmbH has been in business for over 18 years and is a financially independent German company. Karatbar International abides by strict German and European Union laws, guaranteeing that each customer and distributor receive the highest degree of protection and responsibility. Harold Seiz is the CEO and Founder of Karatbars International. His background is in the financial services industry.

When you create an account with Karatbars you are given two options. You can be an affiliate or customer. I would recommend you to choose affiliate if you are interested in the rewards and income opportunity. Affiliates are of course customers too if they so like. The Karatbars binary compensation plan pays unlimited levels down and is based on units and dual plan payouts.

The amount you make each dual team payout will be determined by the one time start package you bought. Units come from gold and package sales and payments for cycles happen each week. You need 25 units in one leg and 50 in the other to cycle and there’s no time limit. Some Karatbars affiliates cycle 10 times per day and make $100+ per cycle as VIPs. (You can always upgrade your start package to a higher level). Watch the video below if you want more details on the Karatbars compensation plan.

Karatbars Product Details:

The credit card sized cards have various weights of solid gold embedded in them with a tamper proof seal with LBMA certification. ( The London Bullion Marketing Association guarantees the weight and purity of gold) Karatbars will store your gold for free or ship them at a flat rate at your request. Their Special Gold cards are unique gifts to newly married, birthdays and other occasions.

How Will Karatbars Save And Make You Money?

Preserve your wealth side of the system, Experts expect gold prices to jump 300% in the near future. Karatbars really have everything you need. As an affiliate you will get your own branded website, a company back office and several marketing options. If you should decide to join in our team, you would also get additional support as a Skype room with the fastest growing team support, websites, landing pages, 3 way calls, calls on your behalf and daily introduction webinars. Most people lack the discipline to pay themselves first. Karatbars solves that problem with the auto gold purchase option.

Why is saving your money in the form of gold so important? The cost of everything keeps going up. (including gold) To help you understand, ever notice how the price of gas keeps climbing year after year? Now imagine storing $50,000.00 worth of gas for 20 years. Think it would be worth more then? Karatbars has further examples explaining why exchanging our money for Gold is a smart way to save and why it ‘s the best way to preserve your buying power.

Affiliates are not required to sell or buy gold to be eligible for commissions on their first “level”. ( Level meaning direct referral. Actual levels do not matter, just your left and right side team) To earn below the first level however, Karatbars associates must purchase a one time bronze, silver, gold or VIP package as mentioned above. The better the package the higher the commissions you will earn. I suggest at least starting with a silver package for a very specific reason. The silver package comes with a Karatbars 1 gram card, so you can appreciate the quality and show others what it looks like. And you also get better commissions than with the Bronze. It takes around two weeks for your package to show up via FedEx but you can start promoting your business from day 1 without any cost at all. More details about the Karatbars compensation plan will be shown in this video:

Things I really like about the Karatbars opportunity

  • There are no purchase requirements.
  • You can sign up for FREE and still earn commissions.
  • No capital investments required.
  • No sponsorship requirements.
  • Gold is a time proven, hard asset which retains its value.
  • Must have a sponsor to register.
  • The gold and debit card are connected to same account.
  • Paid every Friday (hassle free) to a debit card
  • Located in Germany where they have the most strict business laws in the world.
  • Paid unlimited “levels” down. (Get help from unlimited “levels” up.)
  • The 12 week plan gives affiliates something to shoot for but not required. (If you are interested, let me know and I will send more information)

My Karatbars review summary

There are several reasons why I can recommend Karatbars to anyone interested in making money online (and offline too BTW). Their gold products of course. Top in this industry and currency grade so there is now doubt that this is the real thing. The company is a well known company that will stay for many years to come. And without our team support this would be like other Network Marketing companies, hard to get started with if you are a beginner! But here you will get any help you could ask for. And I must mention my personal favorite. The 12 week strategy! The road to $4500 a week. And so simple anyone can do it. That was the final piece of the puzzle for me.

Ready to try our Karatbars opportunity?

For anyone who is looking for a way to make an additional or a full income from a great business opportunity, I highly suggest you do not waste any time and join Karatbars right away. Karatbars is definitely my top choice and I chose them for my primary program. They are a highly trusted source liked by top consumer watchdogs and even the Vatican(!) They also eliminate the middle man and have very competitive prices for currency grade gold embedded in certificates of authenticity. Their binary Karatbars compensation plan is very attractive as well. (Units/points never expire. They do not take the income from your ‘power leg’) You can get a free account right now, reveal Karatbars’s vision to other folks then begin receiving extra cash on your new prepaid Mastercard. (and that is a beauty too).
Click here to get a free Karatbars account now and help with further questions.

Any other questions about the Karatbars opportunity, let me know…

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