I wanted to write a IBOexchange review to help you see how this service works and what you can do with it. Traffic exchanges as you may know, are great

IBOexchange review
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tools used to get backlinks, shares, followers, likes and whatever the type of interaction you are searching for.
IBOexchange is built to help you increase social networking presence which makes it really interesting since Facebook and Google+ marketing is really hot (and working) right now. And compared to some software tools out on the market, IBOexchange really gives you the power to promote your social sites to REAL Twitter and Facebook users, REAL YouTube subscribers and REAL website visitors. And you get to choose who to interact with.

What is IBOexchange?

IBOexchange is in my opinion built to make it easy to share and promote any type of online content that you want to use. All from Facebook photos to banners are available as well as most of the bigger social media platforms. Here is a list of some of them:

• Facebook Likes & Fans: Pages, Photos, Shares, and Followers
• Pinterest Repins, Followers, Likes
• Google +
• Soundcloud Followers
• Stumble Upon Followers
• Traffic Exchanges
• Twitter Tweet, Retweet, Follow
• YouTube Likes, Subscribers, Comments, Views

The IBOexchange is designed using coins that you earn by taking action on other marketers content, and that you can use for your own bidding. You can, if you like, pay for extra coins, if your own actions are not enough to earn enough. But since they made it really simple to interact, you will see that you can earn a lot of coins in a short time.

Another great thing with IBOexchange, is that it abides by all social networks policies at the time of this writing. You do not have to be afraid of finding yourself in Facebook jail or have your Twitter account suspended.

IBOexchange doesn’t SELL hits, likes, or followers! And they strongly recommend that you don’t purchase them from anybody either, however good the offer sounds. These are very often generated automatically by bots from false accounts. Twitter, Facebook, etc have very powerful tools to detect “bots” by the footprint of sudden traffic volumes they leave on your account, which will likely get you noticed and your page banned.

IBO social exchange adds hits likes and followers organically and naturally over a period of time. And as I mentioned, these arrive from real people, and mostly IBOtoolbox members, so the promotion has the same result traffic pattern as from traditional marketing. IBOtoolbox by the way is a great place for your marketing too. A lot of eager marketers looking for (and showing up) good business opportunities.

Get your own free IBOexchange account

After taking this closer look at IBOexchange, I can recommend using their social media exchange as a wise, safe and time saving option for increasing your social presence. Go get your free account right now and check it out: IBOexchange

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