Most people interested in online marketing are also connected to groups and pages with people sharing the same interest. And these pages are absolutely flooded with links to different opportunities and products. Most related to affiliate and MLM and marketed really aggressive.

find your customers on Facebook
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But do they see results from their aggressive pitching? Hardly! It will of course always be some people clicking these links and joining the opportunity, but most people already has their own opportunity to market and are there to find customers themselves. A bit of catch 22 maybe…

But everyone is telling that Facebook is THE place to market. What is then the right way to do it?

Well, one way is of course to use paid advertising, PPC, but that can become expensive and sometimes a bit annoying since Facebook does not like the idea of MLM. Even if the business model has been around for decades. But you can actually use Facebook for free advertising successfully, and this is how you should do it.

First, what is the profile of the ordinary Facebook user? It is a person using Facebook to:

  • be entertained
  • be social
  • share and express opinions
  • harvest their interests
  • but NOT to be pitched and
  • NOT to be exposed to tons of suggestions of opportunities, events and products.

But if the person you are looking for, are using the Internet to

  • solve a problem
  • find more information
  • looking after something to buy

it would be something completely different. But as you see, that profile does not really correspond with the ordinary Facebook user. But how can I get a Facebook user to buy from me or join my MLM team?

To succeed you need to build your business in two specific steps. That might take a bit longer time than the ”start pitching from day one” strategy, but the result will be much more positive. You should use these simple steps:

  1. Grow a large and loyal fan base for your Facebook page. Search and publish content that people really LIKE to find on Facebook. It can be fun, thoughtful, moving, motivating (really popular) and even simple tips and tricks for their daily life. In short, things that will receive many likes and even more important things that your fans will share with their friends. That is a great way to grow your numbers.
  2. Next step is actually to get your fans to LEAVE Facebook. Motivate them to share their name and email to your autoresponder list. There are several ways to do that, depending on the type of your business, but this is really the KEY to grow your business. You have found some loyal followers of your Facebook page, and now you will be able to entertain them with your email messages too.

So in short, you need to grow a fan base using all your creativity at Facebook and grow a relationship built on trust with your followers. Be yourself and be social and you will see your fan numbers grow. Next, get them to your email list and continue to share good content together with some great offers and presentation of your products.

I will return to this subject since this is an area where many are struggling, and if you have friends interested in this, please share.

photo credit: via photopin cc

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