You may think a lot of the old in our world is used in products like electronics. But the truth is that well over 95% of the world’s gold is held as a wealth store.

This stock of gold isn’t disappearing, and its supply is growing at a very slow rate compared to its overall stock. This feature of a nearly fixed above ground quantity, growing slowly, has been true for about 4,000 years.

So you can now see that there exists a large, and almost fixed quantity of gold in the world, almost all of which is held by its owners as a tangible store of wealth.

By contrast to gold’s restricted supply our money systems are currently expanding out of control. If you would like to learn more about that, I suggest you watch the fantastic series of videos from Mike Maloney. You will find the first one here: Secret of Money.

In such circumstances gold’s reliable rarity is again noticed by savers. Its great use is as a money proxy when artificial forms of money are not being properly restricted in supply. In such times gold’s unexpandable supply causes it to be a much more reliable store of purchasing power than currency. Nothing does this job so reliably and so well as gold, because nothing matches the unimpeachable rarity and stability of gold’s above ground supply.

Better still, as people come to remember and appreciate this unique quality their demand for gold causes not just a retention of purchasing power, but a multiplication of it.

Gold Can Multiply Your Wealth

If you own gold at the right time you will own a fast appreciating asset when normal business assets, and money itself, are tumbling in value.

Owning gold in good phase is very profitable. In the 5 years after the 1929 crash gold’s investment purchasing power rose 17 times.

In the decade of the 1970s gold’s investment purchasing power rose 15 times.

So far in gold’s current re-emergence, with the economic situation looking every bit as as hostile as the 30s and the 70s, gold’s price has multiplied by about 3 times. By comparison with those previous cycles it is still nearer the bottom than the top.

Understanding these facts are the reason for people like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki recommending gold to grow your wealth. And that is also the reason why gold has picked up such momentum in the home business area.

My recommendation to you, is to watch this presentation that will show you a working method to grow YOUR wealth using gold. Watch it right here:

All For Your Wealth

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