What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear the word habit? Do you think of it as a positive or negative thing? A lot of people sees habits as something negative. But the fact is, that most things in our lives are habits. Some are good and some are bad for you.

I just read the Habit factor by Martin Grunburg, and I must say there were so many interesting things about habits I did not know about. One thing that really caught my attention was that it is very hard to get rid of a habit, but it is so much easier to change one habit to another. So if you have a bad habit you would like to get rid of, you will find the best way to do it is to find a positive habit to replace it with.

There is an example in the book that really illustrates this. A friend of the author found that he drank too much beer and wanted to get rid of that habit. As the human brain works, it tries to keep the habit but by replacing the beer with a non-alcoholic beverage, the brain still had the habit of opening bottles and other habit details related to this, but the negative aspects of the alcohol were gone.

Another interesting fact about habits is that there seem to be a certain defined time to get the brain to accept a new habit. That time span is 21 days. Of course not all habits will be changed in that time interval, but many will. That is why, as a marketer it is great to run a team or individual challenge over a time longer than three weeks to get the brain to accept your actions as a habit.

There are of course habits that are influenced by a chemical addiction like the habit of smoking, which makes it a bit harder to change or quit that specific habit.

So how can I improve my marketing results with these habits findings?

One important thing is to relate your goals with your habits. Every goal can be broken down in smaller pieces and translated to your daily or weekly habits. If you have a daily morning routine for instance, you may want to adjust it to make it fit with your marketing habits and activities. In case you have some bad habits you would like to get rid of, just see if you can adjust them to a better habit that you can have some use of.

These are just some of the interesting fact I got out of the book. I haven’t even mentioned the actual advice and exercises you will find in this book. I can truly recommend you to read it if you want to know more about habits, changing your bad habits to the better and creating new habits for your success. And if you also download the app, you will have a great tool to help you accomplish your goals in whatever area you decide to use it. Get more information about the book: The Habit Factor.

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