Free Internet Marketing Training Part Four of Five

First a quick recap of the first three parts. First I talked about being consistent in your attempts to conquer the Internet and create a living out of the enormous amount of money that floods online. Then I talked about WordPress as one of my success tricks. And my third free internet marketing training article was about the importance of your content.

So let’s head over to my free internet marketing training tips number four! Social Media!

Not surprisingly, social media has become one of the most reliable and important sources for getting leads for your Internet Marketing. There are hundreds of different social media platforms and many ways to use them, but here, I have chosen to talk more in general terms .

Basically, there are two ways to go when using social media for your marketing. You have the choice of free methods and paid methods (mostly PPC). But as this is an article about free internet marketing training, let’s stick with the free methods.

So where will I find my customers? A year ago, I would have answered on Facebook and Twitter, but seeing the amazing rise of Pinterest, we have to make that a top three list. If I start with Pinterest being the new and odd one in this free internet marketing training post, it mainly has to do with images and videos with an attached URL. Knowing by fact that the majority of all users are female, it is not surprising that you will see lots of images of food, fashion and fame! (sorry girls!). But there is an increase in images related to internet marketing, new products and personal development. So what I do with Pinterest, is that I try to find a fun or nice picture related to my blog post, and pin it with a link back to my post. And Google Analytics shows that an increasing number of visitors are referred by Pinterest. More of how to regarding Pinterest can be found in my free manual. Download it by clicking here: Pinterest Expert.

And when it comes to Facebook and Twitter in this free internet marketing training, it is all about getting social. When using Twitter, there are many ways to automate your tweets and replies, but in my opinion this is not working as good as it used to. People have become more selective and prefer having contact with real humans instead of checking out every link that is broadcasted from thousands of users. The automated methods still work when building a large number of followers, but for better results, prepare yourself to interact with your followers as soon as you see some response.

Facebook is even more interactive. This is really the social media where you have to step out and work inside the community. My recommendation is to build your own “fan page” or “business page” and use that as your marketing platform. Use it as your blog. Get personal, share interesting parts of your life, free internet marketing training ideas, giveaways and fun content. Be consistent and share something every day. Participate in groups related to your interest and try to avoid being the pushy sales manager that does nothing but selling your opportunity. Try to establish a relation with your audience and they will reward you.

At your FB page, add your page links in your “about” section, and if you have landing pages and offers, use the custom application boxes to make your page more personal. If you would like to find out more in detail how to set up Facebook as your money making machine, you should watch this free video: Guaranteed Traffic

Free Internet Marketing Training – conclusion

So as a conclusion to my free internet marketing training advice number four, make sure you learn all about your social media sites. No Internet Marketer can stay outside any more.

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