The Last part of my Free Internet Marketing Training Series

It is time to sum up this short series of my personal free internet marketing training advice. In short, the first four posts were about:

  1. Consistency
  2. WordPress
  3. Content
  4. Social Media

Looking at these four bullets from my latest free internet marketing training, they seem to be a strange mix of platforms, skills and marketing channels. And in a way, my free internet marketing training has laid out some bricks for you to use for your continued path to success. But my last advice is this. Don’t walk alone!

free internet marketing training
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

When working with Internet marketing, a lot of people do it from home, often working alone. And even if you use Internet Marketing as a way to market your offline or online company, you will find that the majority of people reading my posts about free internet marketing training, are working from home alone.

I do that myself too, but recently I came to the conclusion that in order to succeed, you need at least one of these functions: A social network with your own category of people, and a business mentor/partner.

I really think that this might be the most important advice in my free internet marketing training series. And why is that? Well, this is a profession where you easily can get distracted and overwhelmed by everything that pops up on this virtual highway. Having a conversation with people with the same interests, will help you to select what works and what you should stay away from instead of trying everything out by yourself.

And I have found a network that really fits in to my free internet marketing training. It is called IBO Toolbox and is a totally free community where you will be able to interact with thousands and thousands of people in your niche. You will find people working with the same products as you, people working with companies or products that you would like to know more about and so on.

You are able to publish your own blog posts about your business making more people interested in your business opportunity. When you get more advanced, you can post ads and banners for a extremely low cost, and these ads will get you really nice results. But most important, and that’s why I wanted to tell you about it in this free internet marketing training, is the great resource of people that will be happy to connect with you and may have an answer to your specific questions.

I did mention another way to avoid running your business alone. And that is your personal mentor or business partner. That should be someone at your own level or even better, a more experienced marketer, who will really take his/her time to support the team or just you. This can be done in different ways. My team mentor for our travel business opportunity, runs a weekly webinar where we really can get every question answered at the same time getting the latest information about the company and what marketing strategies that works. That is a good way to get even more free internet marketing training!

I am also a part of Empower Network, where I have a great mentor who sends team updates several times a week, with useful information to get our business growing. And I am of course using the same information to educate and support my team.

So to sum up my free internet marketing training, you need some personal skills and great platforms, but it does not matter how good you are, you should have someone to interact with for several reasons. Your business will grow, you will become a better marketer, and your coach and community will benefit from that too.

Free Internet Marketing Training – What’s next?

Right now, you should head over to IBO Toolbox and join. You will be surprised of what you get for free. And as a next step, you might want to check out EN. It is one of the fastest growing companies and if you are interested in blogging or would like to use blogging as a business, this is a great opportunity.

photo credit: Rajiv Ashrafi via photo pin cc

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