Many blog, or website owners are familiar with the term SEO, search engine optimization. But most people thinks it sounds difficult. And expensive! And to a certain point that may be true, but there are some things you can do by yourself to increase your website traffic. This article is aimed to show you some of the easy things you can do.

But let’s start with the term, SEO. Simply put, it is just a set of actions you can take to make your website easier to find when using Google and other search engines. And yes, you can spend a LOT of money to let someone else do the job, but why not try to learn the basics.

So let’s dig in to the world of “keywords”! These are actually the things you are writing about. And the words people are writing when using Google to find information about a specific topic. So to be found on Google, you should be aware of your own keywords.

What are the keywords you would like to be found for?

Write down the first three that comes in to your mind. Maybe you could also let someone in the family do the same. Are you in line with each other? If not, there is the first problem! (more about that in future posts) Then do a Google search for your words. Does your page show up on the first page of Google? If it does, congratulations, you already got this. If not, check the next page and the following pages. If you can’t find it within the first ten pages, no-one else will. Usually, how many pages do you look at? My guess, not as many as ten, right? We have to do something about it.

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If this is new to you, my guess is that your keywords you picked are just one word each. Maybe two. And frankly, people think of keywords just like “words” so nothing wrong there. But in the world of SEO, keywords can be several words and sometimes a whole sentence. And that is what we need to learn to use.

Imagine that you are a fishing guide in Miami (not sure if there are any), and you would like to reach new customers with your website. Maybe you picked Miami, fishing guide and fishing as your keywords. Then try to think as your customer. Would they write just Miami, or fishing in their Google search box? Hardly! These words are far too generic and Google would show thousands of pages related to Miami in general and maybe some about ice fishing in Sweden! No-one would see your page there. Using the term fishing guide would sort out many unrelated sites, but you would compete with all fishing guides online. See where I am going with this?

Long tail keywords

You have to take another step away from your generic keywords towards something called “long tail keywords” or Keyword Phrases to make sure there is even a chance that you will be found on Google. Not knowing the number of fishing guides in Miami, I would guess that keywords like “experienced fishing guide in Miami”, or even “experienced fishing guide in south Miami” could do the trick. If your page is set up correctly, using your keywords, your page should now become visible to your target market. And of course, the first spot is always the best!

But there are no guarantees and there are still some things that has to be done to take advantage of your keywords. More about that will follow. Stay tuned!

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