Free images for your blog and social media use is what most marketers are looking for. Me included. Images and videos are what get people’s attention and without it the chance is that your article will never be seen.

Are there really any free images worth using?

So when I first heard about this solution i was really skeptical to say the least, but of course I wanted to find out. So I downloaded this free app from Walt Bayliss and followed the short instructions, and I most say I am surprised. Not only do I have millions of free images to pick from, but I will find them right inside my WordPress blog based on my keyword. Same goes for free videos if that is what I am looking for.

Sometimes when you use free images there are always some license text related to the image, making it difficult to know if and how you can use it. But this clever little plugin automatically adds credit to the owner of the free image, so you never have to bother with it at all. Really cool.

How to get your own free images

As the plugin comes for free, there is nothing hidden in here. Free images and an easy installation that took me 10 minutes including watching the training video. Highly recommended. Go and get your plugin for your Free Images Online right now right HERE. You will be glad you did!

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Title: Royalty Free Images #Part 1

Owner: TechnoZodiac

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