Most online marketers use email marketing and list builders to create their lists. It is a low cost method

(used to be) and there are many good tools to use. And it has been pretty simple to get really good results. Until now!

The online marketing world changes all the time. And the changes and variations can be seen in just a couple of months. And the trend right now is that it is harder than in a long time to get good results from email marketing and list building. There are several reasons for that. One is the fantastic amount of spam that we are getting in our inboxes every day. People simply does not have the time and patience to go through it all and find out what is good and what is bad for you and your business. And even if your spam filters can cope with most of the “real” spam, it seems that the numbers of list builders and people using them has increased, and at least my feeling is that the scene has been more or less saturated.

And to be honest, how many experienced marketers do NOT filter out messages from well known list builders in their mail client. I do! And even if I maybe had an intention to “read them later” you know that it will not happen.

And the way list builders are addressing their email, with their brand in the subject line, it makes it so easy to filter out to a separate folder (or the trash bin?)

 I am not saying you should quit using email for your marketing, but you should maybe add something new where the chances of getting more leads are higher. Your blog, your Facebook page and some other sources may be worth putting some extra effort in.

There is still a place where you should spend some time with email. And that is to all the people already in your list. As the online market looks today, people are not likely to buy form you instantly, but if you build your relationship with your personal updates, you will see that your list is a valuable source of contacts, and this is where you should spend some quality time.

In six months time, everything might have changed again, but that’s normal. As an online marketer you have to be flexible and patient. And creative! Don’t go with the flow, but find your own path too.

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