For many people, creating your landing pages can be a real challenge. Especially if you do not have the skills in HTML, design and other technical knowledge. But there are several ways to get away with it and still ending up with good looking high-converting pages. One way is of course to outsource the task to someone else, using services like Fiverr or Elance.

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But there are other solutions for creating your landing pages. There are wordpress themes that are designed to help you create your landing page inside your wordpress installation. Optimize Press might be the most popular, but it comes with a price tag that might scare some users. Many service providers offer templates more or less customizable in your own browser. You will find prices from free, to hundreds of US$.

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But a new tool was launched some days ago, and I must say it looked really interesting, so I had to try it out. And at a first glance it looked really cool. You could use it to create Video Landing Pages, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages and all with a high level of customization.

The installation was really simple. It came as a zip-file, so all I had to do was to add it as a normal plugin to my website. And BANG, there it was. Creating your landing pages is no longer a problem. At least not for me. This masterpiece plugin does EVERYTHING an internet marketer could possibly need when it comes to landing page design. And even if the tool comes with a full range back-office with video training, support and all you need to create professional looking pages, I found it easy enough to just get rocking. I am impressed!

And while creating your landing pages in 5 minutes, this tool has some really advanced features that you simply can not be without. Mobile and Tablet Traffic is slowly taking over PC traffic all together which means if your landing pages do not adjust themselves to suit the user’s screen and device, you are losing out on leads and sales. To solve this you used to have multiple plugins to make your landing pages responsive, but that is not no longer necessary. This tool will do it with a click of a button!

Another cool thing is the video capability. Product launches aren’t product launches without video, and adding videos to your landing pages takes a few seconds with this powerful plugin. In fact it took me longer to write this paragraph than to upload a video.

Another thing tightly connected to creating your landing pages, is the autoresponder support. Being able to integrate your autoresponder onto your squeeze page without getting your hands dirty with code is exactly what this plugin. All major services are supported of course.

So to sum it up, do you need this tool to help in creating your landing pages?

My simple and honest answer is YES! I have tried many of the earlier tools i mentioned before, and I quit using them all, because they did not give me the range of customization I wanted. Here you have over 50 generic designs to start with, and you have a long list of add-ons to help you personalize it from there. This is a plugin that I will use a lot, and I haven’t even mentioned more advanced features like social media connections, split-testing features and much more. I saved that for you to discover! I suggest you take a close look at this plugin asap before they realize that it is under-prized. Go watch it right now, right HERE

photo credit: karramarro via photopin cc

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