My name is Per-Erik Olsen. My working background is from Electronic Engineer and Project Manager to Online and Offline sales and Marketing. My focus now is to reach a brand new level in my life for me and my family. And there is a serious reason for me to do this.

Some years ago my father died from cancer. It was really aggressive and neither him nor our family really had any time to prepare ourself for what was to come. The main regret my father had, was that he had not been able to secure a good financial future for my mother, since they had still planned to live many more years together. I really felt as his oldest son, that it should be in my responsibility to improve that situation. But as most people know, a “normal work” nowadays is not enough to support financially in any major ways. The thing is that my mother has always supported her kids in all ways, and it really was a problem for me to overcome this situation.

After a while I found that Internet should be the most promising market to focus on, and I started searching for the best business. Not that you really need to search, the web is really flooded by different hyped ideas of getting rich in a week. But I realized that this was nothing that could be solved in a week, and I did struggle to find the right opportunity. I don’t even want to think of how much I have spent to reach some kind of decision. Finally I realized that the best thing was to get good skills in several areas. In fact, the¬†education became a BIG issue. So after getting burned a couple of times, I ended up with MLSP.

So I’m no longer worried about our future. I know I will be able to fulfill the dreams of my father, and still making my own dreams come true. If you would like to be a part of my future, why don’t you look at this short presentation: HERE

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