There are times in any business where you wish you had some extra cash for your marketing costs. Especially when starting up a new business and you have so many other costs like training, tools, subscriptions and so on.

But let’s face it, if you needed an extra $45 or be out on the street you would find it somewhere – correct?

That is how we all work. Once we REALLY need that money we will find a way to get it – legally! It may take some pain, hard work and some sacrifices, but it will be worth it. Just think about it. What if that one time $45 you create and some hard work could potentially become an income of an extra $100 a month, or $1,000 or even $5,000 – would that not be worth the risk and pain to find it?

If you need some advice to get creative, here are 31 ways that works. I got this list from my good friend Simon Wetherell a while ago, and I still think it is a great list!

1. Borrow it – this can work well as it puts pressure on you to work quickly to succeed!
2. Take your stuff to he local hock shop (and good incentive to get it back before sold)
3. Save on Luxuries for 1 month (money saved will cover credit card bill at months end)
4. Have a garage sale (and get a tidy house and garage again)
5. Sell some stuff on eBay (those things lying around the house that gather dust)

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6. Give up Starbucks for a month
7. Give up drinking for a month
8. Give up smoking (and think of the health benefits)
9. Ride a bike or walk places instead of the bus or car (and get healthy)
10. Make your lunch instead of buying it

11. Stop buying junk food or rubbish
12. Drink water instead of soft drinks or mixers
13. Car pool for a month
14. Substitute plain brands for name brands (probably from the same factory anyway)
15. Post some gigs on
16. Do some work on
17. Do some work on
18. Do some work on
19. Stay at home one night you would normally go out

20. Collect all the loose change in the house
21. Recycle any items around the house or neighborhood
22. Get better deals on all of your bills and credit cards (companies are keen for business and competition drives deals)
23. Google Free fun activities and substitute for a normal cost based outing
24. Save $15 a week
25. Develop discipline, say no more to spending money if not a MUST
26. Suspend your cable tv bill for a month or two (you will be busy working anyway)
27. Turn the lights off when you are not using it, don’t use the heater as much or the air con
28. Shop around for the best gas prices, grocery sales, check online etc
29. Get a part time job
30. Do some babysitting, cut some lawns, wash cars, sell lemonade, cake bake etc
31. Google 50 ways to save money

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