And here came the backlash! Last week it sounded like it was a piece of cake and reading between the lines, you could expect that the remaining 6 weeks would be like a walk in the park. Well, was I wrong!

My first explanation and the thought that I told myself was that I had too much to do, and could not spend time enough on the exercises. Isn’t that why I am doing this? To learn myself to be “here and now” and as a result take control of my own time. So I did not buy my own explanation.

All I can do is to admit that I did not do a good job this week and there are things I have to improve. The idea behind mindfulness is not only to be more present, but also to stop being judgmental, and that should in my opinion also involve my own thoughts about myself!

Well, the week that passed was not all bad. I did my exercises if not all days, and I continued to study the book. But I have to be more committed if this will become a success. For the following phase a new meditation exercise has been added which will give me a tool to help me focus when needed. I am looking forward to that!

Right now it IS a challenge, but that was expected. I have promised myself that I will take me through these eight weeks, and I am still at it. Here And Now!

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