No matter what network business you are in, your goal is to grow your team and create a nice residual income. And there are several ways to do that. Everything from hotel meetings to email marketing. But one of the largest collection of prospects is right in front of you. ( at least I assume you have an account). I am talking about Facebook. So how can I use Facebook to grow my network business?

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Let me show you a ”simple” but very effective way to do it. It will not make you rich in a month, but done properly, it WILL help you to sign up new targeted members to your team. First, try to find Facebook groups or Fan Pages with people that will most probably be interested in your opportunity. Is it in the health and wellness category, or travel? Maybe in gold and silver? Make a search for groups in your niche and join large groups or pages with where you will find a lot of status updates and comments. You might want to look at the page of Robert Kiyosaki or the group ”Network Marketing Pro (Eric Worre) as extremely good examples.

Look at the comments from people that sounds professional, positive and those who write short and open-minded comments. These are the people that you should approach. Make a visit to their page. Does your first impression last? Is it someone using Facebook for a reason or is the page filled with games and other time-wasting updates?

If you like what you see, send a friend request and a personal message. Tell them where you find them and ask a lot of questions. What do you do, where are you from and so on…Don’t say anything about your business and DO NOT send a link. This is just a first approach and your goal is to make a new contact. Just that!

If you succeed making that person interested in connecting, you will have a great opportunity to continue the discussion by asking about their business, try to find out if it is working fine but still without pitching your business. Get them to ask more about you, what you do and in the end find a good time to mention that you have a good business that you could send some information about if they like. Remember that YOU are the authority and YOU have to make your new contact trust you.

Finally if you can get your new friend and maybe future business partner to come to the phone for some more information about your business opportunity, you are closer to a sign-up than you can ever be. And if you both close the deal, make sure you post that on your Facebook page too. Next person who sees that might get inspired to know more about it.

And that is really all there is to it. You just have to be consistent and continue with your daily procedure. I would recommend to contact not more than 5-10 people every day to avoid getting the evil eye from Facebook. Should you have any questions in connection to this post, please let me know. And as always, share and comment!

photo credit: Intersection Consulting via photo pin cc

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