How to get traffic to your blog using SEO tactics.
How to get traffic to your blog
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Yesterday I wrote a short blog post using one of the keywords I wanted to be found on Google with. Now, 20 hours later, I am on the first page of Google with a keyword that is actually quite generic. It takes some basic SEO knowledge, but I will teach you a strategy that you can simply adopt, in order to get traffic to your blog.

Before we start, you have to decide why you are blogging. Is it just because your like writing and use your blog as your personal diary, then this is not for you. If you are using your blog with the intent of getting leads and sales, you will absolutely want to know how to get traffic to your blog and continue to read.

First, you have to decide what keyword you would like to target. I will not go into details about keyword research right now, but there are several tools you can use to find out some keywords to use. I might add keyword research to this series on how to get traffic to your blog later. Personally, I like to use, since they give me great suggestions on keywords to use, together with a clear image of the competition. Another awesome tool is of course Google Adwords. You should try to find a long tail keyword with a decent number of searches and low competition.

Once you have decided what keyword to use, you should design your blog post around it. This is one of the key elements in how to get traffic to your blog and I would like to show you the 7 optimization steps to use. I am not saying you need to fulfill every one of them in all your posts, but try to accomplish as many as possible.

How to get traffic to your blog – The seven key SEO elements

  1. H1,H2,H3! Put your keyword in all three header levels inside your post (using H1,H2,H3 tags)

  2. Use your keyword in the first and last sentence of your post.

  3. Try to find a way to use your keyword as underlined, italicized and bold.

  4. Use your keyword inside a link to an internal pages inside your website.

  5. Use your keyword inside a link to an external page.

  6. If you have a picture in you post, make sure you use your keyword as the image ”alt” tag.

  7. Finally, aim for a keyword density of 2-3 %

Follow these simple steps and you will definitely see a change in the traffic you receive to your blog. Especially if you combine it with the posting strategy i showed in my recent post: How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – My Simple Strategy.

There are some nice plugins you can use to help you achieve the seven steps I have outlined for you. WordPress SEO is a free tool to use, and I like using the famous SEO Pressor, which gives you an instant SEO ranking to help you optimize your posts.

More SEO tactics can be found at the Gate1Marketing website: How to get traffic to your blog

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