If you are a member of MLSP (or any other MLM company), you have a set of really good landing pages to show your potential customers. But if you would like to use one of them as opt-in on your blog, it gets a bit more complicated. How can you connect your opt-in box to the landing page without having your reader sign up for it twice (which will never happen)?

One simple way is of course to create a good looking picture or banner and link that to your landing page, but that’s one extra click, and you risk losing that lead. But there is another solution to the problem.

  1. First of all, I assume that you have an autoresponder, and I have used Aweber for this example. Create a web form like you normally would do for your opt-in box, and make sure you switch off the confirmed opt-in.

  2. When you come to the last stage of the web form creation, (Step 3 Publish), click “I will install my form” and then “Raw HTML version”. Copy all that code and paste it into a Wordpad (or similar) document.

  3. Somewhere in the middle of the code, you will find some lines starting with: <input type=”hidden”. In my example there were 8 lines in total. Highlight these lines.

  4. Next, you should open the landing page you decided to use for your blog opt-in. Open it in Google Chrome. Right-click and select “view source” At the lower half of the code, you should now find a similar set of lines starting with <input type=”hidden”…Highlight and copy these lines. Make sure you highlight all the way to />.

  5. Go back to your Wordpad document. Paste your code to replace the lines you highlighted before.

  6. Now select all lines from your Wordpad document and paste that into your text widget on your blog. When someone opts-in, they will now be sent immediately to their free webinar at the same time MLSP and your Aweber list has received a new lead.

This method can of course be used in other places where you want to display an opt-in box. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, let me know.