Free Internet Marketing Training Part Two of Five

In my first part of this series I talked about being consistent in your attempts to conquer the Internet and

free internet marketing training
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create a living out of the enormous amount of money that floods online. I hoped you found that post useful and it is now time for my second personal advice.

Advice 2: WordPress!

But hey, what is this. WordPress as an advice for free internet marketing training? Let me explain that. What I believe is that every person trying to become a good online marketer, no matter if you are in a MLM or as an affiliate marketer, you should try to learn as much as possible about WordPress. And why is that?

Whatever you do online, you need a website. And the best solution for you to use, creating your own website is using WordPress. There is a start up phase you need to get past, but this might be your first and most important part of your free internet marketing training when it comes to technique and software. There are several ways you can learn it. One is of course to install it and play around with it until you have found all the things you need, but that will be time consuming and probably frustrating. You will also find some good advice online. One advice for your free internet marketing training is to visit where you will find a 24 session video training course for WordPress for free. You have to sign up as a free member first, but the training is really good. You will find the video course right here: Free Internet Marketing Training – WordPress

When you have become more familiar with the basics of WordPress, you will start exploring the world of themes and plugins. And this is where WordPress really lives up to the top five in my free internet marketing training advice. WordPress can really become anything you like. By selecting the proper theme and plugins, you can create a blog, a squeeze page, a web shop or a company website. And if you are working with SEO, you will find some really good plugins that will help you in getting your website to the first page of Google. And you will see that many of these are actually for free.

I found a great compilation of useful plugins and you can go ahead and download that pdf from this page HERE. Not all plugins are recommended for beginners, but you will find this list really helpful.

Another personal recommendation concerns the theme of your WordPress installation. I am using a theme called Weaver 2. The reason is that you will have an awesome control of all types of settings for your theme regarding layout, widgets, header, background and all other parameters that makes your website stand out and do the job. And Weaver 2 makes your website look good on smartphones too, if used correctly. Again, it is maybe not the theme to start with, but after a while you should absolutely try it out.

Free Internet Marketing Training – Part 2

So to end my second advice. Get used to WordPress and learn it yourself. It is tempting to ask someone to install it for you, but in the long run, this skill will help you a lot in your way to become a successful marketer. If you have ANY question related to WordPress or Online Marketing, let me know and I will answer them for you.

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