Free Internet Marketing Training Part Three of Five

In my first part of this series I talked about being consistent in your attempts to conquer the Internet and create a living out of the enormous amount of money that floods online. In the second part I may have surprised some of my readers by adding WordPress as one of my success tricks. But now is the the time for the third part:


This is not as controversial and you may already have seen it. It is all about the content. And not only with the reader in mind, but also for your SEO. Let me explain this.

Before Google came with their latest updates in website ranking, all it took (more or less) was a huge amount of backlinks and you got some nice traffic in return. And getting these backlinks was not that difficult and in fact can be done fairly easy still. Even without automation software.

But after the updates, Google added a new strategy for ranking websites. They started checking for great content, i.e people liked what they found and commented, shared and returned to your website. And Google will also reward you for not publishing duplicate content, which earlier was one way of getting backlinks. So by writing good content, you make Google happy = better ranking = more traffic.

But even if you do not care that much about SEO, good content is what will make you stand out and become successful in your Internet Marketing efforts. That’s why I rated this so high in my free internet marketing training advice.But what is the definition of good content?

Well, that is up to the reader. Put yourself in that position. What would make you happy when looking for a specific question related to Free Internet Marketing Training for instance? Page up and page down with some mumbo-jumbo stuffed with keywords or a personal article about the issue you were trying to solve? You don’t have to answer that!

OK, I got that, but I am no guru. How could I write something that other people would read, you might ask? (or at least I hoped you would ask that).

Remember this! You are reading this article for a reason. And you found it because you have reached a certain point in your Internet Marketing career and therefore have a certain level of knowledge. But what about all those thousands after thousands of marketers that started after you? And the ones who started today? You have plenty to teach them. And you should take that opportunity now. I know there are some other ways to find good content for your blog, and I will mention some of them, but the best results comes if you write everything yourself. And you should write everything in your own personal way.

And should you be busy or absolutely empty of ideas sometime, there are ways to find content for your readers. I’d like to mention PLR as one (Private Label Rights), guest bloggers as another solution and if you are prepared to pay for some original content, there are pages like At Iwriter you can hire writers for a low cost writing about anything you like. Finally there is a new way to actually let the gurus write FOR you. This amazing opportunity was released recently and is something worth looking in to. You can do that by simply clicking HERE.

I would be happy to receive your comments about this, and please share this post with your friends. Watch out for number four of my free internet marketing training tips.

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