When working with Online Marketing as an independent entrepreneur, you need to brand yourself and using a Facebook business page is the right way to go.

If you are not a Facebook user, you may have another opinion. How can I brand myself in the constant flow of games, images and silly status updates? The truth is that most companies do have a Facebook business page and done properly that page will even help you get found better on Google and other search engines too. And frankly, if you have a community of billions of people from all over the world, why should you NOT want to be seen there?

The fundamentals of your Facebook business page

But as I said, you will have a much better chance getting seen if you have done your Facebook business page in the right way. You will find tons of bad pages on Facebook, so let’s show you the steps to make it good.

Four simple steps to a great Facebook business page

It is not more complicated than this really. Four simple steps that will help you with your branding and get you a community of loyal followers on Facebook.

1. The Cover Photo

This is a picture that will say a lot about your business. For many, this is the first thing that they will see from you, so make sure your Facebook business page get a proper cover photo. It must relate to your business and leave no clues on what type of business you are in. Facebook does allow you to have some text on your cover photo, so take advantage of that to make your message even clearer. The size of your Facebook business page cover should be 851*315 pixels.

Facebook cover
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2. The Profile Image

If you are using your Facebook business page to brand yourself as a business person, you really should try to find a good looking professional head shot. Just think about how many times this photo will be displayed in front of people looking at their latest news. You need something that will leave a positive memory and something that will make people trust you. Too many pages shows a blurry logo or something else not even related to their business. A good size for the profile photo is 180*180 pixels.

3.The User Name

What URL do you think people would have a chance to remember from these two Facebook Business Page Examples?

– https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Vault-Unlocked/340792616027675
– https://www.facebook.com/TheHomeBusinessSelection

You should of course get a vanity URL for your page as soon as possible. Not only does it look better and is easier to remember, but your Facebook business page URL will also help you with your SEO.

4. The About Me Section

Strangely enough, this is one piece so many marketers are missing. But with the new Facebook Search tool Facebook introduced earlier this year, this is so important. Your Facebook business page about should contain all the important keywords related to your business. When people do a Graph search you will make sure that they find YOUR page and not your competitors.

See, that wasn’t that difficult? So now your Facebook business page is properly set up. In my next blog post I will tell you more about how to use it. For a COMPLETE Facebook training, I recommend you enter your details in the box to the right.

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