I have written several blog posts on how to earn money blogging, and if you have decided that this will a way for you to make a living, it is important that you try to do it as productive as possible. Just like you do in any other occupation. So I put together a list of tools I use myself, to make the most of my blogging.

Earn money blogging easier with these tools


First, it is always good to start with some keyword research. If you plan to earn money blogging, you need to get high on Google ranking, and to do that you need to work from some good keywords. What differs Jaaxy from other keyword tools, is that it is really easy to use, and you get a nice list of suggested keywords. If you plan to earn money blogging, I would not be without this one. Simply enter your initial keyword and you will get a list of suggestions rated with competition (labeled red, yellow and green), estimated traffic and SEO power. Just go for a green keyword and you have increased your chances enormously. Go ahead and try it our for free right here: Jaaxy.com

earn money blogging


Next, you need to come up with some content ideas. Normally I don’t have a problem with that, but if you are in to earn money blogging, you will have days when your imagination just isn’t there. At days like that I will go and check out Alltop.com. Here you will find blogs, news and articles about almost anything. And what I like is the feature ”my.alltop”, where you will set up your own Alltop page with the topics you prefer.

Photo Pin

If you don’t use pictures in your blog, you will find it hard to earn money blogging. And a great place to find nice pictures that are licensed by Creative Commons to be used in your blog. And it is really easy to add the photo credits to your blog. After downloading your picture, you will get a HTML code to add at the end of your blog and you’re done.


To earn money blogging, you need social backlinks. And to get that kind of backlinks you can spend hours sharing your post and try to get other people sharing it. And you can use SocialAdr. SocialAdr is connected to 26 different social networks and once you have set up all the details for as many as you like, the process is really simple. You can share links from others to get credits, or you can buy cheap credits and automate everything. This is a high value software that you really should try in your attempt t earn money blogging.


My last favorite is a tool that I started using recently. Trello is actually a free project management tool that you can use for all your online activities. It is really easy to setup and use, but it helps you get a great overview of all the things you are involved in and really helps you increase your blogging productivity.

Earn money blogging – conclusion

Expect hard work, but start using some (or all) of this tools and you will find it much easier to earn money blogging. And if you can increase your productivity, you will be able to make more money with less work, and you will have more time to enjoy your life. If you have other tools you use to earn money blogging, and would like to share them with others, add it to the comments.