I am trying not to spend all my time online! In fact one of my other interests are interior design, and I must admit that our house seems to be in constant make-over. So, I was happy to get this interesting blog from my blog friend Margot. Enjoy this great post and learn from the pro’s:

The property market has always been a very competitive one, and it’s even more competitive these days. If you have to sell your home, you need to be prepared to sell competitively. After studying trends in Austin Real Estate, we have comprised a 5-step plan to help you be competitive without having to spend a lot of money.

Remember That First Impressions Last

What first impression does your buyer get of your home? Your curb appeal! You want the outside of your home to appear inviting and warm. It is not going to matter if you have gold faucets in your bathroom. If your porch is untidy and your house is not welcoming from the outside, your buyer will be immediately unimpressed, and this could hinder the sale of your home.

Create the Illusion of Regular Maintenance

Prospective buyers will provide you with a better offer if there are not largely visible repairs that need to be done on the home. Some easy ways to make a home look like it has been well maintained are to touch up the paintwork where doorknobs and chairs have rubbed against the walls. You should also make sure that your home is clean and tidy before the prospective buyer is due to arrive. Making your home look like it is in immaculate condition gives your prospective buyer the chance to make a good offer.

Help Speed up the Sale with a Nice Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen is the hub of any home. It is generally where family and friends gather at any point of the day for lengthy conversations and bonding moments. Having a kitchen that appears to be inviting and comfortable will ensure that your prospective buyer is able to visualize future memorable moments. Should you not be able to replace your current appliances with new ones, give your old ones a very thorough cleaning, so they look like they are brand new.

The bathroom always needs to be extra neat and tidy. A bathroom that is in immaculate condition will be very appealing to prospective buyers. You can redo the grouting and caulk. And you can also clean the shower doors and all faucets with calcium and lime to remove all hard water deposits.

Create an Atmosphere that is Conducive to Visualization

When prospective buyers are looking at your home, they want to be able to visualize themselves living there. By detaching yourself, you are able to provide a blank slate for the new potential owners. So, take down all photos, posters and religious personal items, so that the prospective buyer is able to visualize without feeling your personal presence too strongly. Repaint rooms that have loud colors, so that your home will appeal to a larger market. It’s also very important to leave the property while prospective buyers are looking around. It doesn’t matter where you go. Just get out for a little bit and give them the freedom to look around and discuss their ideas with their family and the agent.

Show Off All Your Space

By taking at least half of the furniture in your home and placing it in storage while you are selling your home, you are able to show off all the space your house has to offer. This allows the buyer to focus on the structure and layout of the home, giving them a broader area to visualize their own belongings in.

All of these tips allow you to impress prospective buyers without having to do any major, expensive renovations. So, don’t break the bank. Just put forth a little effort, and your house will be sold before you know it!