Innovative German System Builds Your Business On Autopilot

business on automation

Imagine what you could do with your time if you found a way to automate the distribution and marketing of your blog posts, expert articles, videos, press releases, social news, audio files, documents and other digital contents. Business on autopilot! Sounds like an utopia? Not if the OneBiz system does what it is said to do! This German marketing platform really sounds interesting. A cloud service designed to help you with your marketing efforts in the meaning of sharing your … Read More

Make Money Without Recruiting

SpinDing PFI

Found this video on YouTube and it is really cool. It shows how you can profit from the SpinDing opportunity without recruiting one single person. Of course, if everyone did that the whole system would collapse, but right now more than 2000 people are joining SpinDing every day, so you are all safe. Still in pre-launch this looks really good, and I can see a huge potential in the new app that will be the public product for SpinDing. Like … Read More

How To Find Your Own Keywords


Many blog, or website owners are familiar with the term SEO, search engine optimization. But most people thinks it sounds difficult. And expensive! And to a certain point that may be true, but there are some things you can do by yourself to increase your website traffic. This article is aimed to show you some of the easy things you can do. But let’s start with the term, SEO. Simply put, it is just a set of actions you can … Read More

There Is NO Freeway To Success!

no freeway_600

If you want to make money and be a success, you got to behave right! Nothing could be more true than that. This post is a guest post from my online friend Annegrete Krings. I am really glad I got to publish it here at my blog since I think it describes the reality in a great way. And a lot of people should read it. More from Annegrete Krings can be found at her blog at and her Facebook page … Read More

Do Not Forget Your LinkedIn Company Page


Facebook is the place most people are talking about when it comes to online marketing. But what about Google+ and LinkedIn? In fact they have the same potential, but a lot of people do not take advantage of that. So let’s talk a bit more about the LinkedIn company page. LinkedIn is the largest professional online network, so done properly, your page will mean a lot for your business. I just put together these 7 tips to start with. 7 Tips … Read More

Banners Broker Back From The Dead

Banners Broker

It has been almost two years since I did a short review of Banners Broker. At the same time I also joined their opportunity to be able to check it out in more detail. After a time when I almost thought they would close down, they now comes up like a re-born shining star. The “old” Banners Broker system At the beginning, Banners Broker really held their promises. Even if I joined at a low level just to check it … Read More

How To Get Daily Free Backlinks To Your Website


Daily free backlinks, how do you think that would effect traffic to your website? Well, if you know anything about traffic and SEO, you know that one of the most important signals you can send to Google is having good backlinks to your site. And note that I am talking about GOOD backlinks. You can find some sites online that offer free backlinks and large numbers of them. Mostly these backlinks are low quality and what is even worse, some … Read More

The Easiest Way To Move Your WordPress Website

WP clone

When I am developing a new WordPress site, I do like to use an anonymous domain and then move my wordpress website to the actual domain. Especially when there is already an old site at that domain and I like to keep the downtime as short as possible. There are many ways to do the transfer, but I used to do it as described by WordPress at their site. How to move your wordpress site. But there are some obstacles … Read More

Increase Your Page Rank With These 7 Simple Tricks


I could write down a very long list on how to increase your page rank, and if you search Google you will find hundreds of ideas. The problem is that no-one except the programmers at Google have all the answers to what works and what you can forget. Google has released a number of algorithm updates over the last years, and what worked two years ago, may not be as efficient anymore. But there are still some simple steps that … Read More

Secure Your Website With A Free WordPress Security Plugin

wordpress security

The number of hacker attacks must have increased or is it just that I have become aware of them after i installed a new wordpress security plugin. I see people getting blocked almost every day, and I am so happy this plugin really works. Many of us have seen our wordpress websites got hacked. Many times the damage is limited and you can get rid of the hacked code yourself, but you can have more problems than that. Some web … Read More