Having a clear call-to-action on your blog, on your Facebook page or wherever you have an offer, will increase your conversions. And having the ability to add a clickable link right on top of your YouTube video is a great way to send people to your content or your landing page. And it is not..

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Here’s one thing that will help you get some better sleep! You may know that your mind has two parts. Your conscious and your unconscious mind. And your unconscious mind is always trying to take care of things for you even when you are sleeping. Everything you have laying around will suck energy from you…

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If you are using Facebook as your marketing platform, you know how important it can be to find the right people to talk to. Pitching your opportunity from your timeline or your fan page does NOT work. The only way is actually to be social and TALK to people. And I mean build relationships! If..

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I have seen this a lot. I go to my friends (or other people’s) personal page on Facebook to find the URL to their fan page/company page. And I can’t find it! That is a waste of traffic! But it is so easy to correct that, and in this very short video you can find..

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I can think of several reasons why you would want to find out more information about a person just by looking at their social media presence. One obvious is as a marketer to find out more about a prospect or another marketer. And you can of course do it the hard way by checking through..

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