How To Use Pixels To Build Your Target Audience On Facebook


You have seen it before! You went to a shopping site searching for something nice for yourself, and the next time you visit Facebook, you see ads from that site. How do the they do it? They are using target audience pixels! Facebook is really the best place to fine tune your target audience, and by using pixels you can really dig down to a personal level. Building your custom audience may sound complicated and nothing for every online marketer … Read More

The TRUE History Of Money

true history of money

So, we have come to episode 5 and the last episode I am to share from Mike Maloney, the TRUE history of money. You can find more awesome videos on YouTube, but these are the most important ones according to me, and the ones I will share here at my blog. If you feel you would like to change your own situation after watching these five videos, This is a good start: Watch out for my next blog where I … Read More

Hidden Secrets Of Money Pt 4 – The Biggest Scam

hidden secrets episode 4

“Gone are the days when a family could live out of just one paycheck” Does it have to be that way? What happened? Watch this very exciting video from Mike Maloney where he reveals the secrets in an attempt to enlighten more people than just the few that learned how to use the system. There are money enough, so why don’t you learn to get your share and live a better life? As i mentioned earlier, I think these five … Read More

Five Key Factors For A Successful Online Business

successful online business

We all want a successful online business, but there are so many things that can go wrong. These are my five key factors you should focus on to make YOUR business a success! Competition is hard and the reality is that 97% of online entrepreneurs fails. Don’t be one of them. Make sure you take control of these five things: My five key factors for a successful online business No 1: Your business sponsor. Keep in mind that your business sponsor … Read More

The Death Of The Dollar by Mike Maloney

100 Dollar Bill On Fire

The time has come to episode 3 (of 5) in the series from Mike Maloney. As i mentioned earlier, I think these five videos are so important to us all wherever we live. It is time to take more control of our situation and leave the dependence of financial institutes and governments. This third episode follows on from episode 2, in which you were informed about monetary systems and the fact that world gets a new system approximately every 40 … Read More

YouTube Paid Video Advertising – Your Best Opportunity?

youtube video ads

OK, you already know that YouTube videos are great for your marketing, but what about YouTube paid advertising? Sounds difficult? Sounds expensive? The truth is, that this could be the most overlooked form of paid advertising right now. At least that is what Gideon Shalwick claims. And he persents his tips and tricks in the best way possible… In a great YouTube video. Actually a live recorded webinar, but I am so impressed by the quality of his presentation. So … Read More

Did McDonald’s Shut Down Their Business? – iPas2 Launch

iPas2 launch

No, of course not the real McDonald’s, I was referring to the launch of iPas2. Yesterday I sent out an email to thousands of people about the highly expected launch of iPas2. We are a huge crowd of people waiting patiently for about 8 months to see the new system in action, and I must say it was worth waiting for. As a founding member I have been able to take a close look at it during the past weekend, … Read More

Hidden Secrets Of Money Part 2

save in gold

Yesterday I shared episode 1 of a fantastic series from Mike Maloney, the Hidden Secrets Of Money video series. It is amazing that with all this information posted to public, not more people starts to look after their own situation. Years ago, the US paper money was connected to gold, but that is history now. The value of the dollar is floating (and sinking) while the value of gold is solid and even increasing. Save in gold Pay yourself first, … Read More